Friday, November 21, 2008

The village of Grabalotsa - map of the local area

Below is a map of the Nerdistan-Molotov border region. The area is characterized by bleak mountain ridges, with pine forests hugging the small waterways through the valleys and clawing up into the mountain above. No cities of any size are this close to border. All of the settlements marked on the map are villages and small towns.

(Wargamers note: this map was made by searching for a likely area of the world using Google Maps. I turned on the "terrain" overlap, took a screenshot, then used an image processing tool...I prefer render it as an oil painting. This gave me a blockier style that looked good and made the manual removal of town names easier. Over that image I laid on layers including the border, roads, town icons, and text.)


Fitz-Badger said...

Nice maps (this and the previous one) :-)

Concentrationally Challenged said...

Thanks. I love Paint.NET. The layers feature makes this kind of thing really easy.