Friday, November 21, 2008

Where in the world is Nerdistan?

Nerdistan! Land of high mountain passes and lowland plains, land of fierce and proud tribesmen, land of rich and ancient culture. Nerdistan is one province in the land of Gambola. A fictional land, to be sure, but one almost real to a small group of solo wargamers who campaign beside each other there.

For the purposes of this campaign, I've added a little more detail to our campaign world. The previously unnamed peninsula to the north will now house the Prenslik (Principality) of Gobellah - a client state of 19th century Turkey. To the Northeast, in the previously unmarked area west and north of Ubet lies Molotov - colony of Imperial Russia and the Tsarina during roughly the same period (yes, the Tsarina is female in our little world). Much of the conflict between Gobbelah and Molotov takes place further north, in the other Turkish and Russian holdings connected to the mother countries by their capable and numerous navies.

Nerdistan itself lies between these two more powerful colonies - astride the only land route between them. Nerdistan enjoys friendly relations with both Britain and America (Teddy Roosevelt enjoys the Nerdistani mountains particularly), but is an independent state. A buffer between Molotov and Gobbelah, and one of the few places where Russian interests border those of Britain and America, the Nerdistani frontier has been the scene of many moves in The Great Game and remains an active and tense borderland.

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