Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's all this then?

The Nerdistani Dispatch is a solo wargaming journal. It's chronicles a series of tabletop miniature wargames, set in a fictional world, and played for my own entertainment. I decided to capture the campaign as a blog for a few reasons.

A campaign journal like this one is a lot of fun to write. It exercises the creative part of my mind, and serves as a record and reference, making it easier to tie future games together into a cohesive thread.

I've enjoyed reading such journals written by other wargamers. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy creating it. I welcome your comments, on anything. Writing style, ideas for directions the campaign might head, rules suggestions, whatever.

Finally, I created this because I plan to use a few different sets of rules to play it out. Some will be home grown, but I'll use rules from a few other sources as well. I hope to make available, through this blog, battle reports by which others can evaluate these other rule sets for their own use, and perhaps learn how to play them by example. More on the specific rules in a future post.

So sit back, let your mind drift North, into wooded mountains, into the villages of fierce tribal warriors and their imperial neighbors, and enjoy.

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